Preparing vehicles over 3.5 tonnes for their annual MOT is a large part of what we do at Adrian Grant Commercials. Therefore we understand how important it is to get your LGV, HGV or PSV through first time, every time.

Typically we will book your vehicle into your chosen VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Standards Agency) test centre well in advance to ensure a slot is available. Before arranging a time with you to PMI (pre MOT inspection) and prepare it for the MOT a few days beforehand to ensure it is ready. This will typically consist of a service (if required) and thorough inspection together with checks on the headlights and brakes to ensure compliance. Often any potential problems will of been noted and fixed in advance of this date during your regular VOSA safety checks.

Once ready, one of our engineers will drive your vehicle to the VOSA test centre or meet your driver there to ensure any last minute problems or adjustments can be rectified on test.Once passed, we will return your vehicle with your new MOT certificate! If your Vehicle requires an RPC (Reduced Pollution Certificate) or LEC (Low Emissions Certificate), then this can be booked alongside the test.

Agents for Safety Inspections and/or repair of vehicles and trailers subject to operator licencing. Contact us for pricing.